To receive your tickets

Your tickets will be sent by the seller via Courier Delivery Service or another registered shipment method to your home address whenever possible. Should this not be possible for whatever reason we reserve the right to deliver by a courier to your local address or another arranged pick-up point. Tickets will be delivered under the terms & conditions of the sender (Royal Mail, TNT, La Poste, Deutsche Post). Tickets marked as e-tickets will be uploaded by the seller to the buyer’s account or sent directly by email.

The level of the delivery costs are variable per (partial) order and dependant on the chosen delivery address and the country from which the seller is sending the tickets.

What you need to know about the delivery of your tickets

Your tickets will be most often sent via registered mail. The seller may have to choose a different method other than registered mail is delivered, example drop off to a hotel. You will be kept informed regarding the change in delivery method.

Please note that it is your responsibility to supply us with a local delivery address or hotel address. Be sure to inform the hotel reception a week prior to your arrival that you will be expecting an envelope to be delivered in your name.

Please take into account that AllTickets.Online cannot be held responsible for alterations in the starting-time, date or location of the match, which may deviate from the information that is printed on your ticket. for receipt of the tickets.

Tickets will be delivered under the seller terms & conditions.