1. The barcode of a ticket is an optical machine-readable representation that can be read at the entrance of a concert or event.
  2. This is the counter at a venue where tickets are sold for an event.
  3. E-tickets are electronic tickets which are usually purchased online or through a mobile device. E-tickets are sent to the buyer by email. The buyer can print out the E-ticket.
  4. The original price or cost price of a ticket is the price printed on the ticket. This is the price set by the primary ticket market seller.
  5. The fan club presale is the sale of tickets through the fan club. This usually starts before the official pre sale begins and you must be a member of the respective fan club.
  6. Handling Fees are the costs over and above the listed value price of a ticket.
  7. Hospitality involves the sale of tickets in a package with for example food and drink included.
  8. Market value of a ticket is the price that a buyer is willing to pay for a ticket. The market value in the secondary ticket market is determined by supply and demand and is usually higher than the primary ticket face value.
  9. A meet and greet is a personal encounter with an artist, usually organized by a fan club or sponsor.
  10. The presale is the selling of tickets before the tickets are available in the official sale, so before they become available to the general public.
  11. The primary ticket market is the original distributor of tickets to a particular event, such as Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Eventim or See Tickets.
  12. The promoter of the event is usually the organizer of the event. The promoter organizes the location and ticket sales.
  13. A scalper is a trader in tickets not associated to a business or profession and where a customer is not entitled to warranty or service. Typically, scalpers can be found on the day of the event directly outside of venues.

  14. The secondary ticket market is the market of vendors that are generally not the first seller of these tickets.

  15. A ticket is a paper or paperless proof of purchase – that fans use to gain access to a concert or event.

  16. A ticket broker is a vendor who sells tickets in the secondary ticket market.

  17. A marketplace for tickets is a website where buyers and sellers of tickets are connected with each other and can buy and sell tickets.